As human beings, we always seek for ways to improve. The same can be said for your lawn. At Sprinkler Master Repair (Salt Lake City, UT) we recognize that your lawn is the outdoor centerpiece of your home. Taking care of it matters, and we are here to help you in making it look great! There are always improvements to be made. Perhaps a few blades of grass aren’t evenly cut, or that brown or yellow spot in the corner of your lawn just won’t go away, or perhaps you are over or under-watering your lawn altogether? Here are a few helpful tips to make any healthy lawn, healthier!

Aerate Your Lawn

Just like humans need air to breathe, so does your lawn! Lawn aeration simply means punching three inch deep holes evenly across your lawn, so your soil can breathe and generate proper nutrients. There are several different ways to aerate your lawn, either by renting a large aerating machine or by using a simple handheld aerating tool. For most homeowners with small to medium sized lawns, a handheld aerating tool, such as this, will make things work great. As a best practice, you should only need to aerate your lawn once a year, typically in the spring time.

Water Your LawnSprinkler Master Repair (Salt Lake City, UT) Fun

This may seem like an obvious tip, but it is one of the most important to getting a full, healthy lawn. The most common issue with watering a lawn is the decision on the right time to do it. Here is a helpful site to guide you in the process of watering your lawn at the very best time. Additionally, at Sprinkler Master Repair (Salt Lake City) we use only the best quality products for your lawn, such as Hunter, Rainbird, and Orbit sprinkler heads and timers. If your need is installing sprinklers, repairing damaged sprinkler heads, moving sprinkler heads, drip irrigation, or fixing faulty timers, you can trust us to do the job right. Call (385) 226-5764 to schedule an appointment today!

Cut Your Grass Correctly and at Proper Height

Did you know that there are recommendations with the height you should cut your grass depending on what type it is? Click here to see what height you should cut your grass at to give it the best potential for healthy growth and sustainability.

Visit this site for more tips on how to maintain a healthy lawn!

As mentioned previously, at Sprinkler Master Repair (Salt Lake City, UT) we care about you and your lawn. Though we do primarily focus on sprinklers, we also know a thing or two about lawn care and lawn maintenance. We specialize in sprinkler head repair, sprinkler installation, sprinkler winterizing, sprinkler system repair, fixing damaged sprinkler heads, moving sprinkler heads, fixing faulty timers, and everything in between. However, we are willing to do so much more. Call us at (385) 226-5764 to schedule an appointment today, and get your time back where it belongs; doing what you love and being with the people that matter most.

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